Twenty Three by Design Tumblr

So I finally made that second tumblr for my own work. I do actually have a second wordpress for this reason as well but there is nothing on there at the moment.

Take a look if you like and follow along :)


Portrait of Ivy Grave Process

Here is a Gif process of the previous post. It’s the first time I have done something like this in years,

There are a few frames missing at the beginning but Photoshop didn’t want to read them properly while I was making the Gif.


Portrait of Ivy Grave

It was my Beautiful friends birthday during the week and I thought I would paint her something (herself). Here is the final result.

I learnt I need to be braver/bolder with my use of values, I think here I still didn’t make it dramatic enough. The face I need to practice face anatomy more, and that not everything in the picture needs to be refined perfectly.

I might post the process jpegs in a separate post, but for now here is the final version.


Reference for rendering assessment

Over the holiday break, we have a rendering assessment. Taking this apple and banana scene, we are to try and light and render both object realistically, while also keeping a progression blog.


So here are some photos I took of an apple and a banana for reference in the shade and the afternoon sun to try and see what specular highlights both fruit give off and to find a general lighting situation I liked. Although this isn’t a texturing assessment, I will be making the textures for the fruit due to the next assessment which will involve these fruits plus a few more, and texturing will be part of the marks. So I may as well get a head start.

DSC03719 DSC03721 DSC03722 DSC03723 DSC03724 DSC03725 DSC03726 DSC03727 DSC03728 DSC03730

Mood Board Tumblr

So as you can see I tried to create a mood board for on here, and that chews some storage space. So after a few friends told me how amazing they think Tumblr is, I decided for now I will make a mood board one because anyone who knows me, knows I like image sites.

Later I think I will create one for my own personal design stuff, I think that might be in the next two weeks…

Here is a like to the mood board one.


Inverted Mountains

It very recently occurred to me that I haven’t posted much in the way of photo manipulation, and it is one of my stronger points.

So here is a quick 20 minute image I did in a break between tasks, something I seem to find is a flavour of the month with landscape images at the moment. I just wanted to see if I could achieve a similar result to what I was finding.

The photo is one I took in Queenstown, New Zealand a few years back and the type face is one for personal use only called Southern Aire.

Enjoy :)



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