Twenty Three by Design Tumblr

So I finally made that second tumblr for my own work. I do actually have a second wordpress for this reason as well but there is nothing on there at the moment.

Take a look if you like and follow along :)


Portrait of Ivy Grave Process

Here is a Gif process of the previous post. It’s the first time I have done something like this in years,

There are a few frames missing at the beginning but Photoshop didn’t want to read them properly while I was making the Gif.


Portrait of Ivy Grave

It was my Beautiful friends birthday during the week and I thought I would paint her something (herself). Here is the final result.

I learnt I need to be braver/bolder with my use of values, I think here I still didn’t make it dramatic enough. The face I need to practice face anatomy more, and that not everything in the picture needs to be refined perfectly.

I might post the process jpegs in a separate post, but for now here is the final version.


Reference for rendering assessment

Over the holiday break, we have a rendering assessment. Taking this apple and banana scene, we are to try and light and render both object realistically, while also keeping a progression blog.


So here are some photos I took of an apple and a banana for reference in the shade and the afternoon sun to try and see what specular highlights both fruit give off and to find a general lighting situation I liked. Although this isn’t a texturing assessment, I will be making the textures for the fruit due to the next assessment which will involve these fruits plus a few more, and texturing will be part of the marks. So I may as well get a head start.

DSC03719 DSC03721 DSC03722 DSC03723 DSC03724 DSC03725 DSC03726 DSC03727 DSC03728 DSC03730

Mood Board Tumblr

So as you can see I tried to create a mood board for on here, and that chews some storage space. So after a few friends told me how amazing they think Tumblr is, I decided for now I will make a mood board one because anyone who knows me, knows I like image sites.

Later I think I will create one for my own personal design stuff, I think that might be in the next two weeks…

Here is a like to the mood board one.


Inverted Mountains

It very recently occurred to me that I haven’t posted much in the way of photo manipulation, and it is one of my stronger points.

So here is a quick 20 minute image I did in a break between tasks, something I seem to find is a flavour of the month with landscape images at the moment. I just wanted to see if I could achieve a similar result to what I was finding.

The photo is one I took in Queenstown, New Zealand a few years back and the type face is one for personal use only called Southern Aire.

Enjoy :)


Texturing: Stone Textures and Colour Temperature

Temperature in Colour: Colours like red, orange and yellow are considered warm colours. They can help bring life to an image, used as a highlight with a higher saturation, yellow can represent sunlight. Blues, purple, greens and greys are considered cooler colours. Good for shadows or when used sparingly, to break up a warm coloured image with some well placed contrast can add interest to an image. Categorising the colours like this splits the colour wheel in half. This helps when deciding to make an image monochromatic, contrasting or complimentary colours. Certain temperature images can also provoke emotion in the viewer. Golds and reds together can make someone feel warm and love, while light blues and aquas can make you feel the chill of an image be it icy or isolation.

Stone Texture: Our next class exercise in texturing is how to paint stone, we painted two different types marble and the second is a contrasting rough stone texture.

Here is the break down of my marble texture: Starting off with a lightly saturated blue wash, I fill my canvas which is 1024px squared.  marbleTexture_step1
The next thing I want to do it put in some texture using a spackled brush and a darker colour in the same tint of blue. I then quickly scrubbed this texture over the canvas, erasing the parts I felt needed to be white.

Time to add in some darker saturation of the same hue, this time choosing a small hard brush. Varying it’s size and having opacity on pen pressure I quickly scrawl in some lightning like lines.

Now don’t feel intimidated here by how much detail all of a sudden appeared, I just got the first two layers and duplicated them a few times, playing with layer mode, opacity and rotation of the layer. I also started to add more saturation in finer detail to the detail in the marble.

My final thumbnail I started to add in some white with the same brush I used to make the textured layer in the second thumbnail. I then finished it off by cleaning up the detail layer so it looked a little less like obvious photoshop brush strokes.



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