Inktober – Day 4


Inktober day 4: using today’s prompt of “hungry” and being inspired by moon’s Inktober posts, along came this little lady.

Deciding to take more time on this one and going back to practicing drawing humans in a non lifelike way.

Inktober – Day 2 & 3

Due to being away in Sydney over the long weekend, day 2 and 3 of inktober got a bit rushed. I am quite enjoying the process of tria markers and fine liner pens, takes me back to my design course days when I started using them.

14469481_704627446358315_2819561597347383185_n 14495416_704629969691396_8102901469398827311_n

Inktober – Day 1


Since today is the first day of October, this marks the beginning of Inktober.

As I haven’t participated before I thought I would give it a go to help develop some healthier drawing habits.
This then meant I had to give myself some loose ground rules which are; 1. 30 -60 min drawings 2. Keep drawings loose 3. More conceptual than illustrative.

So today I stuck to something simple and quite enjoyed the process.

SFv1 -The Osiris Child

The other night was the cast and crew screening for the film I was lucky enough to be apart of. Unfortunately I was unable to get up to Sydney to be able to see it, but seeing people post the credit listing and seeing my name in the credits brings a feeling of accomplishment.

It was an amazing experience to work on this film and to all the awesome people I got the pleasure to work with including the TAFE guys and gals. Congrats everyone


Here is a link also to the films facebook page;

Keep your eyes peeled for when it comes out and support Australia’s film industry

Space Whales

Sketches drawn yesterday for a bigger project, they will now be vectored and added to some other elements :D

Drawn on Bond paper with graphite pencils (HB, 2B)

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Melbourne Move

Been quiet a bit lately due to an interstate move to Melbourne :)

Here are some snaps from around the place, I plan to take my camera out with me more now the weather is starting to be more sunny than rainy lol.

Taking this time to develop some stuff so keep your eyes peeled.

IMG_0640a IMG_0655a IMG_0666a IMG_0686a

Bunny Illustration

Recently illustrated this for a lovely lady in Canada :)

2B fine liner pencil on coarse illustration board

Stay tuned for more about this, as it was also vectored to use as a logo for her upcoming business.