SFv1 -The Osiris Child

The other night was the cast and crew screening for the film I was lucky enough to be apart of. Unfortunately I was unable to get up to Sydney to be able to see it, but seeing people post the credit listing and seeing my name in the credits brings a feeling of accomplishment.

It was an amazing experience to work on this film and to all the awesome people I got the pleasure to work with including the TAFE guys and gals. Congrats everyone


Here is a link also to the films facebook page;

Keep your eyes peeled for when it comes out and support Australia’s film industry

Space Whales

Sketches drawn yesterday for a bigger project, they will now be vectored and added to some other elements :D

Drawn on Bond paper with graphite pencils (HB, 2B)

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Melbourne Move

Been quiet a bit lately due to an interstate move to Melbourne :)

Here are some snaps from around the place, I plan to take my camera out with me more now the weather is starting to be more sunny than rainy lol.

Taking this time to develop some stuff so keep your eyes peeled.

IMG_0640a IMG_0655a IMG_0666a IMG_0686a

Bunny Illustration

Recently illustrated this for a lovely lady in Canada :)

2B fine liner pencil on coarse illustration board

Stay tuned for more about this, as it was also vectored to use as a logo for her upcoming business.


Graduating Student Reel 2015

Student Reel 2015 from Lisa Gane on Vimeo.

Sorry for being so quiet lately I really needed to put my head down and finish this year off so I could graduate.

So here it is my graduating student reel.

Still a lot to learn but that will come with practice and time.

Enjoy :) 

Show Reel Asset Progress

Progress on my wolf model for show reel.

Base model was made in Maya, taken into Zbrush and Decimated to get the geometric look. Rendered in Arnold Renderer.

Rig and posing to come and possible tweaks to the shape of the face and ears.


Base model;


Show Reel Character Concept

In the next 6 months, you will see this guy come to life.

Been a bit hesitant to reveil anything for my showreel before its completion… However this can’t hurt. Concept character for my storyreel, still needs some orthographic views done but before he is modelled the environment will be the main focus

Stay tuned.