Mystic Kitty

Happy Friday!
I originally sketched this little guy back in 2013 during class. Finally got around to figuring out what I wanted to do with him. Enjoy!




Terrible Fate: Behind The Scenes

— Technology Thursday! —

The way ember lab goes about creating its animations is extraordinary. I love how well they integrate live action with the CG.



X-Men: Apocalypse VFX Breakdowns Quicksilver Extraction

–Technology Thursday–

Now I must warn you that this will ruin movie magic for people so if you like being naive about this kind of thing then turn away now…

However if you love this kind of thing, this scene is crazy insane with how they achieved this!



Things I love Tuesday #2

Today I wanted to bring some colour and some encouragement.

Don’t hide your inner crazy… Let it shine.


Making of The Little Prince

Watched this film on Netflix the other day after finding an article about it in a 3D World magazine. The people who created this film have shown so much love and detail in the making of it that I highly recommend watching it.

Things I love Tuesday #1

—Things I love Tuesday —

I have been doing this for a few months now on some of my social media sites and today I thought I would add this blog into the fold. :)

I went and saw this last week on release day… This movie really made my heart soar. It is the magic that makes me want to keep pushing to do what I am doing.

If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend, even if it is for the pretty effects.




Titan Fall 2 Cinematic Trailer Breakdown

Thursdays I would like to start posting things I find inspiring in the VFX industry.

Today I found the break down for Titan Fall 2’s cinematic trailer done by Blur Studios.

I love how far and involved CG trailers are becoming for gaming titles in particular!

Definitely check it out, there is a lot more CG in there then what you first would have thought!

Titanfall 2: Become One Behind the Scenes from Blur Studio on Vimeo.