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Meet the Artist 2017



With the fun times of getting a casual job to pay the bills, I am a little bit late to this hashtag… #meettheartist

There is also that anxious decision on how you want to convey yourself… However! I got there in the end! lol Enjoy!

(Done in Photoshop)

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Mystic Kitty

Happy Friday!
I originally sketched this little guy back in 2013 during class. Finally got around to figuring out what I wanted to do with him. Enjoy!




Here is something I painted for halloween this year, finally happy enough with it to post it.

Done in photoshop CS6 on an intuos 4 pro.

Also I got overwhelmed trying to upload inktober pictures to my social media sites so that’s why they slowed down completely on here.

I will also start uploading just my art to another wordpress of mine shortly, just want to tweak a few things before posting on there :) Bits and pieces will also still be posted here ;)

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Show Reel Character Concept

In the next 6 months, you will see this guy come to life.

Been a bit hesitant to reveil anything for my showreel before its completion… However this can’t hurt. Concept character for my storyreel, still needs some orthographic views done but before he is modelled the environment will be the main focus

Stay tuned.


Satellite Soda Daily Draw February 2015 – Update

So it is day 5 of the daily draw for 2015, here are two of the drawings I have done.

Just a little run down on what has been going on;

Day one: I did a quick wolf sketch in an hour to make sure I kept on task and drew something for the day. He is done on Bond paper with a fine liner pencil.


Day 02: Due to personal reasons, day 02 had to be skipped.

Day 03: With day 02 being skipped I wanted to try and work on some digital painting as I don’t feel 100% drawing like this, so I took this chance to try and push that. Time constraints meant I couldn’t finish the work so I uploaded a W.I.P to show I had worked on something. I feel this way of doing things with a little bit of pressure that isn’t stressful is somewhat enjoyable. 


Day 04: I finished off the painting from the day before. It got to a point where I had to say enough was enough but I feel somethings could still be better but at the same time I got to work on values and colour. I think that composition, movement and anatomy could be improved, but this is why I am doing this as a way to get myself to fix these things.



If you are interested I have a facebook and an instagram you can follow along with :)


VFX Dynamics: Concept

Due to time constraints I haven’t been able to concept as much as I would like, so I have had to just go with my first idea instead of exploring a few ideas. In the future I will need to time manage better in order to actually do this.

So below is my storyboard for my particle simulation.



The animation starts with the UFO already in the scene. As the UFO gets closer and opens its vents, I am thinking about what would be happening as they open, so on each consecutive frame there will be a gush of fumes which over the time of the animation will vary and change. However as I think about the execution of this, it may be easier to just have faint fumes constantly happening throughout the animation/simulation whilst the vents are open.

As the door opens on the UFO, this will be the start of the main part of my particle simulation. In regards to the previous post where  I mentioned “curiosity” and “non threatening” so hopefully I have managed to bring those ideals across in the story board. I am also trying to stick to the idea of “less is more” in this situation as I feel if I was to over saturate the scene with particles, that the main ideals will be lost if it isn’t done right.

Caesar the Cat

I know I have been quiet lately, had holidays from TAFE and work as well as life throwing out some curve balls.

However recently I created an Instagram for my design/art stuffs, you can follow along here @twentythreebydesign

I am also more active on my facebook page which is

In saying that though, being back in TAFE there will be some stuff being put up here but majority will be on the facebook page.

Now that house keeping is out of the way, I recently drew some lovely friends of mine a portrait of their cat, this helped keep my mind off things and help me focus on what it is I want to be doing with my time. The illustration is 2B fine point lead on illustration board which I then scanned into photoshop for a bit of clean up and where I also added in the colours. I felt keeping it black and white made it too plain and adding the colours in helped to bring that more playful and innocent/child like quality back into the illustration.