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Meet the Artist 2017



With the fun times of getting a casual job to pay the bills, I am a little bit late to this hashtag… #meettheartist

There is also that anxious decision on how you want to convey yourself… However! I got there in the end! lol Enjoy!

(Done in Photoshop)

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Mystic Kitty

Happy Friday!
I originally sketched this little guy back in 2013 during class. Finally got around to figuring out what I wanted to do with him. Enjoy!




Here is something I painted for halloween this year, finally happy enough with it to post it.

Done in photoshop CS6 on an intuos 4 pro.

Also I got overwhelmed trying to upload inktober pictures to my social media sites so that’s why they slowed down completely on here.

I will also start uploading just my art to another wordpress of mine shortly, just want to tweak a few things before posting on there :) Bits and pieces will also still be posted here ;)

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Inktober – Day 4


Inktober day 4: using today’s prompt of “hungry” and being inspired by moon’s Inktober posts, along came this little lady.

Deciding to take more time on this one and going back to practicing drawing humans in a non lifelike way.

Inktober – Day 2 & 3

Due to being away in Sydney over the long weekend, day 2 and 3 of inktober got a bit rushed. I am quite enjoying the process of tria markers and fine liner pens, takes me back to my design course days when I started using them.

14469481_704627446358315_2819561597347383185_n 14495416_704629969691396_8102901469398827311_n

Inktober – Day 1


Since today is the first day of October, this marks the beginning of Inktober.

As I haven’t participated before I thought I would give it a go to help develop some healthier drawing habits.
This then meant I had to give myself some loose ground rules which are; 1. 30 -60 min drawings 2. Keep drawings loose 3. More conceptual than illustrative.

So today I stuck to something simple and quite enjoyed the process.

Space Whales

Sketches drawn yesterday for a bigger project, they will now be vectored and added to some other elements :D

Drawn on Bond paper with graphite pencils (HB, 2B)

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