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Art Update Catch Up June 2017

Going to do a bit of an art dump here, as I haven’t been too great on keeping up with posting here…

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This first illustration is one I finally finished for my other half for our anniversary last year. A little ode to our year that was 2016.
Our first overseas trip to Japan and also the big interstate move to Melbourne.

This next one is taking what I learnt with the last post in zbrush and attempting to try pushing those techniques further. Also had a go at concepting on the fly with this one, however I think I will stick to a 2d sketch first before hand to save time.



Here is some interior concept art for a personal VR project I am creating. The space man is also apart of this. Expect to see more of this in the future ;)

This is my current work in progress, using zspeheres and then skinning to model the trees pictured above. I need to find a better way to do the runes on the trunk of the tree. Will also be doing each tree individually to keep variation between each tree :)




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First Z Brush Sculpt

Time to move on from this little lady, let’s just agree hair isn’t my strong point! lol

Feeling much more confident about using Z Brush now to actually make something!

Modeled in Z Brush using a wacom Intuos pro 4


Learning Z brush

Trying to teach myself zbrush… It’s been this program that seemed quite difficult in my head… until now.
Working through the Steve James tuts on zbrush core and this is the base bust I came up with at the end of the first video.

base_bust_final_front base_bust_final_side

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Graduating Student Reel 2015

Student Reel 2015 from Lisa Gane on Vimeo.

Sorry for being so quiet lately I really needed to put my head down and finish this year off so I could graduate.

So here it is my graduating student reel.

Still a lot to learn but that will come with practice and time.

Enjoy :) 

Show Reel Asset Progress

Progress on my wolf model for show reel.

Base model was made in Maya, taken into Zbrush and Decimated to get the geometric look. Rendered in Arnold Renderer.

Rig and posing to come and possible tweaks to the shape of the face and ears.


Base model;


Texturing: Mudbox, Paint Tool, Stencil and Stamp, Normal Maps, Dirt Maps

More work on this today in Autodesks Mudbox

Today we looked at the paint tool, stamps and stencils, normal maps and dirt maps.

Here is what I ended up with, I think I may have gone a little crazy on the texturing…


Here is what I did last week, using the stock tree stump in Mudbox, we learnt how to using the sculpting tools and how the layers whilst using the levels work, to build up a sculpt.


Box Model Reflection

This is my first attempt of a humanoid box model in Maya 2014.  I have tried several different approaches, still not resulting in a pre vis model I am happy with.

The first two attempts I tried the extruding method. I feel as though I am putting in too much typology, too early on, which is distorting the placement of limbs. My second attempt I felt a little bit more confident however was still making similar mistakes to the first attempt.

step2 step3step7step9

Reflection: For my third attempt I will try attaching other primitives, such as a cylinder for the legs, to avoid the paddle pop stick legs. Also with this attempt I will try some of the earlier methods but with minimal typology.


For my third attempt I decided to stay with extruding the form. This time I made the initial rectangle skinnier to get the arms and the neck to line up with the reference better. I felt a lot happier with my progress this time, however I was still adding way too much detail too early and not getting the general flow of the model correct first. Also modelling a woman’s chest is a challenge, I didn’t particularly get it right first go.

This is where I got to on my third attempt. The legs don’t look like paddle pops this time, however I still didn’t build the bottom half of the torso properly to allow for the legs to extrude properly. It was closer however.


My fourth attempt, with the help of Eric, mainly to get the edge flow in the chest area correct looks more like this.

I just need to practice more. Hands and feet still need to be attached.

For my second character I am just going to manipulate this model, due to time constraints.

On reflection, this assessment has shown me what level I am currently at and what I need to change to move forward. Once I overcome these obstacles it will give me more freedom to model organic models. So much more to learn still.