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In Legend: Stones at Goliath – Release Announcement

Earlier this year I was approached by these guys and I am proud to say it was such a privilege and an honor to work with them.

Their new album “Stones at Goliath” now has a release date; 9th of January 2015

From the 26th September 2014 you can
Pre-Order “Stones At Goliath”
Join the crowd of legends and support our
Crowdfunding campaign!

If you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter do it here:



Exciting News: Subsonic Music Festival

I will be teaming up with the Gals and Guys of Subsonic Music Festival to work on some cool projects, super excited!

Tickets for this years event are on sale now, so if you like Minimal Techno & House and the unclassifiable be sure to check it out.


Nepean Arts & Design Center: Design Fair

So tomorrow is the Nepean Arts and Design Centre; Design Fair. This is the first time I will be participating, as a past student. I will be selling some prints shown below, depending on their success I may or may not make a web store to sell more.

Also I had some business cards made for the occasion.  Which are also featured below :D

Wish me luck!

Facebook Page

I can’t remember if I blogged about this or not already, but here is a link to my facebook art page if anyone is interested :)


Nothing Worth Doing is Easy

I found this image awhile ago on Image Spark and thoght I would share as it is, what I believe, quiet true.

Also I thought I would use this time to make a post which plugs some of the other places I post things, or how Bobby woiuld put it ‘buildings bridges to my other islands’

My sketchbook thread :

Deviant art:

I am hoping with my DA account to name change soon, as soon as I figure out a name for it… lol

Mini Vader

i just had to share this ad. <3