VFX Dynamics: Concept

Due to time constraints I haven’t been able to concept as much as I would like, so I have had to just go with my first idea instead of exploring a few ideas. In the future I will need to time manage better in order to actually do this.

So below is my storyboard for my particle simulation.



The animation starts with the UFO already in the scene. As the UFO gets closer and opens its vents, I am thinking about what would be happening as they open, so on each consecutive frame there will be a gush of fumes which over the time of the animation will vary and change. However as I think about the execution of this, it may be easier to just have faint fumes constantly happening throughout the animation/simulation whilst the vents are open.

As the door opens on the UFO, this will be the start of the main part of my particle simulation. In regards to the previous post where  I mentioned “curiosity” and “non threatening” so hopefully I have managed to bring those ideals across in the story board. I am also trying to stick to the idea of “less is more” in this situation as I feel if I was to over saturate the scene with particles, that the main ideals will be lost if it isn’t done right.


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