Caesar the Cat

I know I have been quiet lately, had holidays from TAFE and work as well as life throwing out some curve balls.

However recently I created an Instagram for my design/art stuffs, you can follow along here @twentythreebydesign

I am also more active on my facebook page which is

In saying that though, being back in TAFE there will be some stuff being put up here but majority will be on the facebook page.

Now that house keeping is out of the way, I recently drew some lovely friends of mine a portrait of their cat, this helped keep my mind off things and help me focus on what it is I want to be doing with my time. The illustration is 2B fine point lead on illustration board which I then scanned into photoshop for a bit of clean up and where I also added in the colours. I felt keeping it black and white made it too plain and adding the colours in helped to bring that more playful and innocent/child like quality back into the illustration.



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  1. ecillustrations says :

    Reblogged this on Elishca Coetzee Illustrations and commented:
    CATS! YAY! Who doesnt love kitties?!

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