Rendering: Final Image and Reflection



Here is my final result, this is a jpeg file so the quality is not as great as the final TiFF.

My reflection for this assessment, I don’t think I got the color bleed down pat, I can get it to bounce off the fruit onto the other fruit, however I cannot see much on the floor.

I need to figure out how to completely smooth out my lights, as I feel both the shadows and light (the secondary lights not so much the key light) are still to grainy.

The scene is, I feel, a bit too bright over all I could decrease the brightness of the key a little more.

Next time I will also change the way I go about the pipeline as I felt it was always one step forward two steps back. For instance next time I would set my lights and photons/ final gather once the textures are on the objects, this way I won’t have to back track so much.

My last thought would be, that I need to watch the placement of my lights with high shine objects, I wanted to use barn doors on some of the secondary lights but I just couldn’t get them to work. Also I feel that the objects not being life size was also an issue with the lights.

These are just a few things to keep in mind for my fruit bowl assessment.


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