Rendering: Textures

The UV maps were already pre made for us within out Maya scenes, so saving out the UV’s as an .iff file to use in photoshop. Using multiple layers in photoshop to build up my textures, like in previous posts, but I try not to spend too much time here as this part isn’t assessable for this assignment. Here are both my color and bump maps for the apple and the banana.

I tried to replicate what I saw on the fruit in my real life studies in post; sure I made the pores on the apple white so they became extruded slightly when the bump map was applied to the model. Other things I was keeping aware while creating my texture and bump map was the stringy texture on the banana the inverted and extruding pores, and the fact that either fruit is never completely smooth. The bump map is a grey scale version of the color texture, that has been inverted and the levels adjusted to the right tonal values I wanted afterwards.

outUV_appleoutUV_appleBumpoutUV_bananaoutUV_bananaBump   And here is how it looks in scene. banana
Instead of using Lamberts, I am now using Mental Ray shaders on my apple and banana. The shader I am using for this, is the mia_material_x, with this shader I can control the:

  • color
  • weight
  • roughness
  • glossiness
  • reflective
  • index of refraction

To name a few.

I found that at first I wasn’t getting much in the way of speculars, especially on the apple. Going through the attributes of the mia shader, I found I had metal material ticked on and once I unticked this property and the highlights started working how I wanted them to.

I feel the highlight on the banana could be a little more. However the shape of the banana doesn’t help much for catching the light.

The highlights were controlled by keeping the glossiness at 1.000 and just played with the reflectivity. Also played with the weight and roughness, which I feel could be part the reason why my photons and final gather, color bleed didn’t turn out so well once the textures were put on the fruit.

The bump maps (shown above) were plugged into the Mia_material_x shader bump attribute in the overall bump attribute using a file node and the colored texture (also shown above) was plugged in the same way using the color attribute of the shader.

I think the fact I played with the diffuse on the shaders once the textures and bump maps were on the fruit, affected my photons and final gather output. I should have just left this alone, I also feel that I added in the photons and final gather in at the wrong time in my pipeline, which I think cost me my color bleed in the final render.


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