Rendering: Adjusting the Lights

Having now added my mia_material_x to my fruit and the color, gamma and bump maps are in place on the shader, I feel my lights could be better as I have a lot of highlights on my apple that I feel shouldn’t be there if it was to be a realistic set up.

So I decided to remove a few of the lights, the apple kicker and rim lights were removed as well as the banana rim light. I added high samples to all the lights to 8 x 8 to try and get rid of some of the graininess from the lights ( I don’t think I did this very well.) I scaled the key and fill lights as well, the key mainly to get the shadow wrap around and fall off feel more natural, and the fill to try and soften the highlight on the apple that was accruing.

Also playing around with the photon count to smooth out the bounce of color onto the other fruit.

Here is a snap shot of my final light set up.



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