Rendering: Initial Setup and Lighting Part 2

So here is an update on my progress with my lighting. As you can see here I have added in my back and rim lights for the banana, trying to make sure the light emitting from these spot lights doesn’t hit the apple.



And here is what the render looks like, I have increased the intensity on the point light I am using for the key light. I think this looks better. However I still don’t know if this is too dark or not as the jpegs for the blogs are turning out alot darker. The image might brighten up if I was saving them in IFF format, which is the submission format.

So for now I think I will leave the brightness of the key light, I think it is time to start looking at the bounce light and photons. Might also add in a solid color to the lamberts so I can see how the color bounces as well with the environment.



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