Rendering: Initial Setup and Lighting Part 1

For my rendering assignment I will be using the Mental Ray plugin in Maya 2014.

First, before I do anything I need to change my settings in my render options, making sure I have default lighting ticked off, as well as making sure color management profiles are set up correctly in both the render option and the color management on the render window itself.

I have decided I will set up my lighting before I start to add any Mia shaders or texture my UVs, however to get a correct rendering of my image I will use two new Lamberts with gamma correction nodes plugged in, (with a mid grey color value and 0.454 in each output) I plug this into the color on the lamberts, so I can see what the light is actually doing in my scene. If I don’t do this my scene will be much darker in my renders than it actually is, giving a less accurate result.

So for my lighting, I have decided to start with a basic 3 point lighting set up, however as I progress through this stage I am realizing I might have to set up back, rim and kicker lights for both the apple and the banana. I have also noticed that the apple and banana is not to real life scale,  however I feel that the camera is locked I cannot do much about this, meaning I cannot 100% get realistic render.

Here is the result of the initial lighting setup with the backing and rim light mainly concentrated on the apple.

Looking at this image (saved currently as a jpeg for blogging purposes) I need to increase the intensity of my key light, as I feel the scene here is too dark. I will also need to create some back and rim lights for the banana as well.

Here is what my current light setup looks like.



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