Reference for rendering assessment

Over the holiday break, we have a rendering assessment. Taking this apple and banana scene, we are to try and light and render both object realistically, while also keeping a progression blog. scene So here are some photos I took of an apple and a banana for reference in the shade and the afternoon sun to try and see what specular highlights both fruit give off and to find a general lighting situation I liked. Although this isn’t a texturing assessment, I will be making the textures for the fruit due to the next assessment which will involve these fruits plus a few more, and texturing will be part of the marks. So I may as well get a head start.   DSC03719 DSC03721 DSC03722 DSC03723 DSC03724 DSC03725 DSC03726 DSC03727 DSC03728 DSC03730 DSC03731
 My observation of the fruit is that the apple is reflective, not highly reflective but enough to see some of the background due to it being polished. Its highlight is much brighter/hotter than the banana and not overly a sharp clean highlight, the texture of the apple causes some noise/roughness in the highlight. The apples pores are also extruding slightly as an added bump texture on the skin.

For the banana, there is little to no reflectivity, the light is more absorbed by the surface rather than being bounced back creating a more matte appearance.A hot spot is also present but not as bright as the apple’s hot spot. There seems to be three layers of texture on the skin that could be used as bump maps. The small extruded pores, the bigger/bruised intruded pores as well as the stringy texture of the overall skin.


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