Animation: Test

Here are some more inspirational animations. This time they are 3D works and I like the little mannerisms of these cats with their tails and ears.


The next step in my animation pipeline is to do a real life test of my animation plan. I found however when doing this:

  1. It’s really hard to convey the movements of a ball using your hands
  2. The real life video is two times longer than the animation needs to be.

When I start animating in Maya, I should be able to revise these pauses and movements so they fit within the allocated frames.


2 responses to “Animation: Test”

  1. megz says :

    u can come study our new fluffy kitten’s movement if you like lol. she’s quite interactive =o)

  2. megz says :

    also… baha at the first 2 clips! the bum wiggle in the second is so true, and adorable

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