Its Been Awhile

Hey Guys,

It has been awhile, computer issues for a few months over Christmas really made it hard to do anything really.

I am hoping the issues have all been resolved and since I am back at TAFE this means I will be a lot more active on here. Bring on 2014, I am looking at really trying to tackle TAFE in a more positive, happy and productive way. One of my New Years resolutions was to get better grades in TAFE so here goes. I also apologize in advance for the amount of catch up posts I am about to post.

Here are some cool pics I did manage to find over the break :)

tumblr_m8rr95MPla1qk1pz6o1_400 tumblr_m7xq1onJPy1qzqwamo1_1280 tumblr_m6zkk9QUWZ1r12oofo1_1280 tumblr_mhynchw6RZ1ryq07lo1_1280 019c9b9e71b46d1e98b1734107ec-post tumblr_mmxb9zVSKS1rvqgbeo1_500 467367921413_2f30d5d1d7629eb-post dcbcb7f6694c3332d7c3f3_cdfc6-post 02621796ee5c8923cbf581d40__7-post


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