Mise-En-Scene Part 2


Snow White and the Huntsman: the Dark Forest

I chose this still because I feel a lot can be said by just looking at this image on it’s own.

The scene is very muted in colour along with diffused front lighting which makes the surroundings more eerie and out of focus. This helps add to the nightmarish feel of the forest.

Snow White’s facial expression in this shot also shows she is scared and exhausted, running away from those who are chasing her.

As for the costume and make-up you can tell she is of upper class decent from the style of clothes she is wearing although they are covered in grime, the finishes such as the gold studs and open shoulder plumes would be too expensive for a lower class person. Snow white also wears minimal make-up to show her natural beauty through her white skin and red lips which is what defies her “understated beauty” within the story.


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