Mechanical Arm 3D Research

So I will be posting my tafe, stuff here for assessment and as a digital process diary. Just so you all know :)

I know I have been quiet for a few months but everything has just been hectic.

So for an assessment, we are going to be making a mechanical arm, of our own design style choosing. I for one am going to steer clear of steam punk… However I do like the thought of mecha, and industrial that can borderline.

The next thought I had was possibly something Bio, like the Zerg, but a class mate of mine pointed out how difficult this might become. I still think it could be a cool Idea.

But I believe I have settled on something, a bit of sci-fi a bit of futuristic, some art deco, a little bit of Protoss meets tron, prometheus, star gate and thor… I am talking about that sleek shiny gold with bight neon lights and crystals… not to forget lasers… lol

Here is some examples of Protoss Concept art from Blizzard Entertainment to help create the picture. Also a few Thor concepts as well.

artwork_icon_heart_protoss-full artwork_tassadar-full cin_assemblyarm-full cin_hand-full cin_zeratul_back-full cin_zeratul_grapplinghook-full unit_protoss_mothership01-full unit_protoss_phaseprism-full unit_protoss_phoenix-full Manhattan_carcard_04 Manhattan_carcard_04 thor-concept-art-rainbow-bridge


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