Never too late to decide your resolutions

Firstly I would like to tell you all about the online workshop I did recently. Written and taught by Artist Robert Chang I think this workshop is a must for those who want to get better at art no matter if you are a novice or a master I garuntee there is knowledge to be found within the course notes. Click on the pic below for the course overview.

And this is one of Roberts works. He is very dedicated in helping others with their struggle to become a better artist. The picture is alos a link to his website where you can find some tutorials and helpful resourses.

I thought I would mention within this post (which looks like it is going to turn into a long one… ) another artist who has caught my eye recently and I would love to atleast reach his level of detail within my own art.


I finally have myself a wacom thank you to my better half who gave it to me for christmas XD

Which then means I can get down to business on the art front. My goals aka ‘resolutions’ this year include:

– To lose 15kg

– One illustration / study a week

– Improve my art skills

– Work towards portfolio pieces

– To be better disciplined

I intend to read alot more too which will hopefully help with the ideas process. At the end of last year I managed to put together a SWOT and OGSM to help me work towards my goals and now that it is 2012 it is time to start working towards this.

Wish me luck and if you want show me some support if you like what it is I am working on.

Happy 2012 and stay metal.


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One response to “Never too late to decide your resolutions”

  1. meg says :

    woo go lisa! *insert pom pom cheer*

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