Bobby Chiu’s wise words

Here’s 10 important questions to ask yourself. Read them constantly as a checklist to make sure your are heading in the right direction and using your artistic potential.
1. What motivates you to create art? Write down your answer and think about how you can use this very important information.
2. What kinds of information have you been putting on the internet? The internet is the new resume. If I can find dumb pics or comments from you then other people can too…
3. Does your art express something interesting? Great art means something to its viewers, not just its creator.
4. Does failure push you forward? How you deal with failure will determine how skillfull you will become.
5. Do you enjoy arguing or flaming people’s work? If you are the type of person to hate on others, it will come back to you. Especially with the internet and all the social networking.
6. Do you try out new methods/materials/subjects that might be unconfortable at first? Success is inevitable if you always choose to believe “It is my obligation to try.”
7. Do you have a strong purpose or goal? When you have a purpose, you stand by it. Something special happens when you show an undying drive to achieve a goal.
8. Are you open to meeting new people and hearing others opinions with an open mind? Your heart & mind are the gates to success & happiness. Keep them open or miss out on great opportunities.
9. You can either let your environment shape you or choose YOURSELF to be who you want to be. The body & mind can be shaped into almost any type of person you wish to be. You just have to train it through persistence & constant search for knowledge. (*I started to be “good” in art when I decided to be extremely serious about it.) What kind of person do you want to be?
10.Do you constantly think about your goals? The best way to accomplish a goal is to have it on your mind all the time. Keep thinking about it until you obtain your goal. I’m not the first to say this one but I can’t emphasize it enough.
I think it’s important to mention that I don’t believe I been given any natural talent when it comes to art, I believe I’m PERSISTENT. Anyone can be persistent.
Now PUNCH that laziness in the FACE and have a great day!!
Sending positive vibes to you all.
Just thought I would share this, it was a journal post by bobby chiu on the imaginism DA journal and i think the positivity and passion bobby has for helping people to achieve should be shared :)

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