The GIGANTIC post!

Well as you can see i havent been on much in the last few months.. End of the year always seems to get really busy. So this post is a general cap of things.. I may miss a few things because there is just so much and will have to post about it another time.

Firstly the main reason i have been missing is because of the release of Cataclysm. The amount of work that has gone into this expansion is intense and i have to say im becoming very obsessive of the game.. not just playing it but merchandise as well… *fingers crossed* one day i could work for blizzard…

Here is the special edition of Cata and the art book is just amazing!

Been also reading the first Lore books they are good for ones imagination!

Which in turn brings me back to the Concept art and the Burning Crusade art was released the other day, and i wish i lived in NaGrand it’s so pretty…

So Besides WoW… I saw Korn and Linkin Park in December..

And for christmas my Boyfriend gave me an Atara Inferno Begoth 12″ doll and the second Tara Mcpherson book :) <3


Annnnd… I got my Sketchbook done in time for the project.. My theme was Revenge.. so worked on a revenge fantasy sorta theme. Like which weapon of choice a person would use and then how they would go about it..


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