The Music Edition

Dear Blog,

I am very sorry at times i neglect you… I have good reason’s.. Cross my heart and hope to die..

Last Friday night Miss Meg and i made our way down to Newtown to the Music Edtion launch of the Wooden Toy magazine :)

Here we finally picked up the courage to meet Timba Smitts. See photo below for proof.. He also signed our new copies of the magazine

I also recently foudn the love of my life in a pair of shoes, let me introduce to you …. The Zombie Stomper!

Going to buy me a pair of them :)

Last but not least i am contemplating to do this very cool idea by a co-op bookstore in New york. It’s a concert tour but for sketchbooks and it sounds like the best idea.. Give me a reason to stop playing computer games and start drawing again.

Hopefully then this will get me back into what i originally planned this blog to be about lol.


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One response to “The Music Edition”

  1. miss meg says :

    yyaaayyy we met timba smits! wwooooop =o)

    also, the shoes look wicked… so wanna c u ‘walk’ in them haha

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