The Art of Godmachine

Found this Awesome illustrator from the UK today on my travels around the internets. Godmachine is a freelance illustrator mainly working in merchandise.  Definately worth a look if you love blood and guts.

Looking around at tattoos cause i want to start looking into my own designs for myself and i found these awesome sugar skull women on the Facebook tattoos lovers page, thought they were totally wicked!

I also just purchased myself some Cradle of filth Shirts which should hopefully arrive in the mail within the next week..

I got my Gospel of filth two days ago in the mail, and now i realise the joy of recieving a package in the mail lol.

I realise i need to start doing some more illustration, been real slack lately and so i have this thing at work i need to draw something for my self every day even if it is a quick sketch. I also have all these cool idea’s for artworks it’s just sitting down and doing them..


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One response to “The Art of Godmachine”

  1. Anton Koeppl says :

    The Art of Godmachine & I stumbled upon this today on my travels around the internets. I’m impressed with this work the words the art the concepts – Got her via: “Google Images Wicked Women Art” -what a trip!

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