Inspire me websites

This post is for craig.

He wants us to look up website we like the look and feel of, so where do you start when you have a gazillion bookmarked websites… You have to go through them of course.

So roughly 3 hours later i find the top three…




Now i know Nawlz has been mentioned previously, but it is still an awesome site with a whacked up story.

All these sites also incorperate flash… im not going to use flash for mine im not that awesome just yet lol.

However i have thought of what i think might be an awesome idea.. and if i dont likeit i can scrap it later and remake it… the beauty of making your own website lol.

I have found however that branding oneself with a logo is annoying and just plain hard… i have made a shit load of logo’s and same with if i get over this website i can just remake it.. *shrugs*

Anyway enough chit chat website making time.


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