The long absence wrap up

So evidently i havent been on here for awhile, it has been a hectic last couple of months.

Went to New Zealand with my parents, for my 21st birthday, their 25th wedding anniversary, and my mothers 50th.

Had a great time however being stuck in a campervan for 12 days was a bit much. Between my mother and myself we took atleast 3000 photos.. once tafe is over i plan on going through them and photoshopping the decent  ones, so keep your eyes peeled.

In the  meantime you can have a photo of this bike i found.

Also Miss “minxy” Meegs and i headed south of the boarder to Melbourne for the first Semi permanent conference to be held there.

Again there is alot of photos from our 3 day trip, so here is another bike to get you through the wait for them.

i actually like the picture above.

I have also been to the Sydney aquarium in my time away.

Big scary shark will get you and eat your brains… *cough*

Arch enemy concert has also been and gone and it was pure awesome! Once i finish tafe ill upload the video’s to youtube and then share them on here as well. All this stuff to do when tafe finishes lol.

Got to see Winds of Plague play :) also got a shirt which has a crazy cool design on it. I’ll take a photo of it when i get time.

Next concert is Lamb Of God on the 12th of Dec so not too far away.

Tafe has been crazy, because i havent been in sydney let alone the country i have fallen somewhat behind so it has been a struggle to get back on track. Currently looking at rebranding myself for a website design and business cards to get ready in time for our end of year exhibition “Contact 09”.

Also have found a whole heap of cool stuff on my travels to find inspiration :) Did i mention i met Tara McPherson whilst in melbourne?

Anyway back to the slave pits for me Tafe work is calling.

P.S i have come to realise i really like the colour purple… exspecially grape purple


4 responses to “The long absence wrap up”

  1. Charissa says :

    Yay!! A sharkie for me!!

  2. miss meg says :

    haha so we went ‘south of the border’ ay ay…
    yeah so im 12, shoot me

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